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Peer-to-peer mentoring is the concept of older, upperclassmen students strategically paired to mentor younger, underclass students.   We use the National Mentoring Partnership’s six evidence-based standards of youth mentoring: Recruit, Screen, Train, Matching and Initiating, Monitoring and Support, Closure.

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Case Study in Influence

It’s really a simple concept.  When you think about it, who holds the influence and sway over a student body?  Keep in mind, influence is leadership.  Whoever is influencing is leading.

Does the principal hold the most influence?  Maybe, but this could only be positional influence.  How about a popular teacher, coach, or director?  Again, maybe, but this is still considered positional influence.

In Rules4Success, John tells a story about a principal approaching a group of students who were respected by their peers.  The principal asked the students to wear mix-matched socks to school for a month to see what happened.  Within a week, mix-matched socks were all the craze!  The students thought it was a coincidence and told the principal as much.  The principal then challenged the guys to shave their heads and see what happened.  You guessed it, same results!

Don’t believe us?  Try it yourself.  Take a group of influential students and start intentionally doing something slightly out of the norm as a regular practice and see who follows.  We’d love to hear your feedback!